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Student Handbook

Mission Statement

The School's Mission Statement formulated by the Strategic Planning Committee, states:
The mission of Parkway West Career & Technology Center, a student centered school, is to prepare students with skills to excel in future careers by ensuring rigorous and relevant learning, reacting to industry needs, cultivating positive relationships with
partner schools, providing quality instructors, achieving stakeholder commitment, and securing needed resources.

Parkway West School programs are designed to provide students with the related technical, academic, and workplace skills needed to be successful in the job market or to further education. If you apply yourself diligently to work, Parkway West School can be the first step toward a profitable and satisfying career.
Parkway West School programs combine:
• teachers with years of work and teaching experience
• facilities and equipment comparable to those used in business and industry
• high quality performance standards, professional ethics, and safety to provide quality programs for all students.

In order for you to benefit from your educational experience at the school, this Student Handbook has been prepared to acquaint you with general information on the operating procedures and the rules and regulations of the school.
All Parkway West School programs are approved by The Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Student Handbook

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