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Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education, commonly known as a "co-op," is a structured method of combining classroom-based education with practical work experience that provides academic credit for structured job experience. The Parkway West CTC program is designed to complement a student's formal education with paid practical work experience directly related to their career major. Many co-op graduates are hired by their co-op employer, post graduation.

Cooperative Education Paperwork for Students & Potential Employers

Cooperative Education Link for Students

Current Co-Op Students

Click the link to access your profile to complete your work logs and upload paystubs.


Are you eligible for Co-Op? 

Complete the Intake Eligibility Form using directions listed below.

1 - Access

2 - Choose the 'Sign in with Google' option

3 - Enter your Parkway West email address and password

4 - On the navigation pane on the left hand side, please click on Careers then Work-Based Learning.

5 - Complete the eligibility form.  *Please note, it asks for your resume to be uploaded.  That is not needed at this time.

     a.  You need a recommendation from a teacher from your home school. Enter the name and email address of a teacher from your home school when prompted.  

     b.  You will need your work permit number, located on the second line on the left of your work permit.

     c.  Complete all else and submit!  This will then automatically send an email to your parent/guardian then to your program teacher and then automatically to your home school teacher.  


Paperwork for Employers

Interested Employers Must Register with our system to begin the Cooperative Education partnership.


Additional Items Needed for Cooperative Education

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Kristen Milanovich

Kristen Milanovich

Workforce Development Coordinator & Public Relations Manager

To add a new job posting or view current job opportunities, click here to be taken to our Student Job Opportunities page.