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Graphic Arts & Production Technology


Graphic Arts & Production Technology

Course Overview

Graphic Arts & Production Technology is a comprehensive course that prepares students for careers in the graphic arts and printing industries. The combination of traditional printing techniques with modern digital tools is particularly relevant in today's market. Students will be equipped with skills in layout, composition, and design using computer graphics, as well as knowledge of various printing and bindery techniques. The inclusion of photography and laser engraving also adds to the versatility of the program.

The emphasis on typography and color preparation is crucial in producing visually appealing and effective designs. Students will also learn large format digital printing with various output and vinyl applications. 

Overall, Graphic Arts & Production Technology offers a well-rounded and practical education for students interested in pursuing careers in the printing and design industries.

360' Virtual Tour

Virtual 360' Tour

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Betsy Zelina

Betsy Zelina

Graphic Arts & Production Technology Instructor
Parkway West CTC

Career Paths

  • Graphic Designer
  • Desktop Publisher
  • Data Management
  • Marketing, Advertising
  • Business
  • Animator
  • Printer
  • Video Developer
  • Media Designer
  • Photographer


Offers Adobe Certified Associate in:

  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • OSHA-10 

Courses of Study

Desktop Publishing, Image Management, Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Photo Composition, Graphic Animation, Video Editing, Video Effects, Laser Engraving

College Credits

Students in this program are offered Articulation Agreements based on completion of the program. Learn More