First Year Students - Important Information


First Year Students FAQs (Click to Download)

First Year Students Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How do I create a Parkway email?

All incoming Parkway students will have a Gmail (Google Email) account set up prior to the first day of school. This email account will read ( To log in to your Gmail account, please visit The user name will be your Email address (as shown above). Your password for your first log in attempt will be Welcome2020. You will then re-set this to a personal password. *Please write down this new password and keep it in a secure space.  Also, once your password is changed, please share it with your instructor. 

Directions for setting up your Parkway email are also available at Students then to Instructions Schoology or Gmail. 


Question 2: What is Schoology?

Schoology is an online learning management system for Parkway West CTC. 

This is a virtual learning environment that allows users to create, manage, and share academic content. All online/virtual instruction will take place on Schoology. To access Schoology, go to www.parkwaywest.organd click on the “Students” Icon on the main page. From there you will click on “Schoology – Click for Access”


Question 3: How do I create a Parkway Schoology Account?

To create a Parkway Schoology Account you must visit From there you will log in to Schoology with your Parkway email address and password. If you have yet to create a Gmail password, you will utilize the first time log in password of “Welcome2020.” *Please write down your new password and keep it in a secure space. Also, once your password is changed, please share it with your instructor. 


Question 4: What should I do on the first day of school if I am virtual?

If you are a student who is virtual on Monday, August 24th, then you should log on to your Schoology account at your scheduled Parkway start time (7:40 AM for AM Parkway students or 11:35AM for PM Students). Your instructor will be logged in and either presenting a live lesson or have directions for activities to be completed throughout the day. 


Question 5: Is the Open House live, interactive or a video?

Our Open House introductory video has been filmed in advance and uploaded to the News section of our website. Each Parkway program has it’s own Open House video that includes an introduction by our Administration, Student Support Services team and program instructors. These videos have been uploaded to Vimeo, so click the link for your program in the News Article section. 


Question 6: How do I order a uniform?

Each Parkway program has it’s own uniform. To purchase a Parkway uniform, please visit then to the Uniform Store (at the top section of the main page). The Uniform Store company utilized by Parkway currently has a extensive list of orders that have recently been placed. As long as your student has purchased his/her uniform, he/she will not receive a dress code violation if the purchase is delayed. 


Question 7: How do I get to/from Parkway?

Students are transported to/from Parkway from his/her home school (sending school district). Each district handles transportation differently (whether or not students are picked up from school in the morning or from his/her home). Contact your student’s school for more information on transportation (pick up/drop off times). NOTE - All Parkway students will eat lunch at his/her sending district either after returning from Parkway (AM Parkway students) or before leaving to Parkway in the afternoon (PM students). 




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