Level III

Introduction to Auto Body Repair Program III

  • Utilize safety practices related to Auto Body Repair
  • Analyze material safety data sheets
  • Respond to a hazardous material spill

Metal Preparation II 

  • Perform a GMA (MIG) plug weld
  • Perform a GMA (MIG) fillet weld
  • Perform a GMA (MIG) butt joint weld
  • Install an adhesively bonded
  • panel
Body Repair II
  • Analyze repair situations and/or issues
  • Apply seam sealers
  • Replace exterior panel
  • Remove and replace bolted exterior panels
  • Identify plastic parts

Painting II

  • Prepare vehicle for refinishing

Painting III

  • Apply paint
  • Finish defect removal

Job Readiness III

  • Create a portfolio
  • Complete professional journaling