Level II

Orientation II

  • Orient new students to the Digital Multi-Media program

Basic Computer II

  • Navigate Network

Principles of Design II

  • Complete color theory project
  • Accomplish balance theory project
  • Complete typography study project

Microsoft PowerPoint I

  • Create an all about me powerpoint
  • Design the sounds and links of my hobby powerpoint
  • Integrate google earth images into travel powerpoint project

Digital Photography II

  • Complete the zoom the room photo shoot
  • Manipulate outdoor campus shots project
  • Shoot program action shots project
  • Take the campus in manual project
  • Create posed portrait shots project

Adobe Photoshop II

  • Design a selection tool collage
  • Create school banners
  • Optimize campus photos poster
  • Create filter gallery program photos project
  • Design and automate self-portrait project

Adobe Illustrator I

  • Manipulate various tools in desktop drawing
  • Assemble a still life in layers
  • Design and create a logo design

Job Readiness II

  • Develop career avenues
  • Develop professional attributes
  • NOCTI readiness
  • Complete professional journaling