Level I

Introduction to Auto Body Repair Program I

  • Utilize safety practices related to Auto Body Repair
  • Analyze material safety data sheets
  • Respond to a hazardous material spill

Metal Preparation I

  • Repair Sheet metal damage
  • Weld damaged sheet metal

Body Repair I

  • Remove and install types of interiors
  • Apply pinstripes and decals
  • Remove and install front body panels
  • Remove and install exterior trim and moldings



Painting I

  • Paint with a spray gun
  • Mix paint using proper ratios
  • Apply corrosion protection materials

Detailing I

  • Perform a final detail job

Mechanical Repair I

  • Inspect steering, suspension, and brake systems
  • Identify electrical/electronic systems

Flexible Parts Repair I

  • Repair a flexible

Job Readiness I

  • Create a portfolio
  • Complete professional journaling