Level IV

Introduction to the Food Service Industry IV  

  • Recall classroom and school rules/regulations
  • Define personal hygiene and sanitation requirements
  • Recall safety requirements
  • Operate Equipment

  Service Atmosphere IV  

  • Recall institutional food service procedures
  • Perform front of the house operations
  • Perform dining room duties

  Garnishes and Appetizers II  

  • Prepare hot and cold hor'doeurves

  Breakfast Station II  

  • Prepare breakfast entrees

  Fruits, Vegetables, and Starches II  

  • Prepare portion cuts of fruits
  • Prepare portion cuts of vegetables
  • Prepare a basic starch product

  Stocks, Soups, and Sauces II  

  • Prepare basic stock
  • Prepare basic soup
  • Prepare basic sauce

  Entrees II  

  • Prepare a beef entrée
  • Prepare a basic poultry entrée
  • Prepare a basic pork entrée
  • Prepare a seafood entrée

  Specialty Desserts II  

  • Prepare cooked and uncooked desserts

  Organizing and Planning II  

  • Design a menu
  • Control Inventory

  Employability Skills IV  

  • Create a portfolio
  • Complete job application forms
  • Complete Professional Journaling
  • Use a personal computer