Level II

Introduction to the Food Service Industry II  

  • Recall classroom and school rules/regulations
  • Define personal hygiene and sanitation requirements
  • Recall knowledge of the food industry
  • Define nutrition and diet
  • Recall safety requirements
  • Operate Equipment
  • Define weights and measures
  • Follow a standardized recipe
  • Identify basic food items
  • Identify basic beverages

  Service Atmosphere II  

  • Recall institutional food service procedures

  Baking Station II  

  • Recall baking basics
  • Prepare a variety of cookies
  • Prepare Quick Breads

  Salad Station II  

  • Prepare salads and dressings

  Sandwich Station II  

  • Identify types of sandwiches
  • Prepare hot and cold foods

  Food Store Station II  

  • Recall guidelines for food store operation
  • Prepare hot and cold foods

  Employability Skills I