Level IV

Introduction to Auto Body Repair Program IV

  • Utilize safety practices related to Auto Body Repair
  • Analyze material safety data sheets
  • Respond to a hazardous material spill

Body Repair III

  • Remove and replace a door skin
  • Remove and replace a quarter panel
  • Remove and replace a rear body panel

Painting II

  • Prepare vehicle for refinishing

Painting III

  • Apply paint
  • Finish defect removal


Frame Straightening IV

  • Identify basic auto body construction
  • Develop a repair plan
  • Straighten a frame

Mechanical Repair IV

  • Inspect steering, suspension and brake systems
  • Inspect heating and air conditioning
  • Indentify cooling systems
  • Inspect drive train
  • Inspect fuel, intake and exhaust systems
  • Inspect restraint system

Flexible Parts Repair IV

  • Repair a flexible part

Job Readiness IV

  • Create a portfolio
  • Complete professional journaling