US History I and World Cultures

Scott Bechdel
Scott Bechdel
US History I/World Cultures

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NOTE - Principles of Technology, Chemical Properties in Practice, US History I, US History II, Civics, and World Cultures may be offered at the Career & Technology School for students who need credit toward graduation.  All PWCTC academic courses are NCAA approved. Only one academic course may be scheduled per year.

Academic classes are provided through on-line services (Zoom and/or Schoology).  Students enrolled in academic courses are to complete all assignments given in a virtual setting or attend during the academic schedule.

History at Parkway is broken into four different classes: US History I, US History II, World Cultures and Civics.  Each class is designed to increase student knowledge of history and how many common principles and themes apply to today’s world.  Students will be participating in class lectures, group discussions, oral presentations, individual writing assignments, as well as a computer component. 


US History I

This course focuses is the study of social, political, cultural, and economic development of the United States from Pre-Colonial America through the antebellum period. Students will develop an understanding of how our Nation's past comes to impact current events. Additionally, students will understand the development of our democratic principles and recognize the responsibilities of citizenship in a free nation. Students will use varied resources to examine course content. In addition to the text, students will examine historical documents, eye witness accounts, excerpts of period literature and political cartoons. Students will interpret charts, graphs, and maps over the context of the course. 


World Cultures

This course focuses on the diverse ways of life found around the world. Through study of various regions of the world, the students will better understand the geography, history, and culture of other peoples. Additionally, the course focuses on how historical events have shaped the world as well as make connections between events from the past and the present. Students are challenged to think outside of their own culture and better appreciate teh many cultural traditions celebrated around the world. Major areas of focus include: Africa, China, India, Russia, Japan, and Europe.