Principles of Technology; Chemical Properties

Jason Beltz
Jason Beltz
Principles of Technology

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Principles of Technology is an applied physics course which focuses on both content and application through the use of labs.  

The material covered includes:

  1. Unit conversions
  2. Motion in 1 and 2 dimensions
  3. Force
  4. Momentum
  5. Work, Energy, & Simple Machines
  6. Thermodynamics & Heat
  7. States of Matter
  8. Waves & Periodic Motion – including sound & light
  9. Electricity, Magnetism, & Nuclear Physics

Each marking period will contain a minimum of one project upon which at least 20 – 25% of the student’s grade is based.  Any math that is used in class will be taught as needed.  It is suggested that the student has a basic understanding of the mathematical order of operations.